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Allegedly Corrupt Ukrainian Fails To Heed The Lesson of Florian Homm

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The trials and travails of former hedge-fund manager Florian Homm have been well documented, not least of all by himself. Alas, those efforts apparently failed to reach Ukrainian billionaire, occasional adviser to the British government and, according to the FBI, unremittingly corrupt FOP (Friend of Putin) Dmytro Firtash.

Let us first recount Homm’s near-miss with having to face justice in the United States for allegedly fucking over investors in his Absolute Capital Management hedge fund. As said hedge fund was collapsing, Homm made a run for Colombia, a country in which he had previously been shot, and in which he hid out for a few years. During which years American authorities were building a case against him for the aforementioned fucking of investors, which probe produced a bunch of criminal charges a couple of years before FloHo emerged from hiding, conveniently in his country of birth, Germany, which conveniently does not extradite its nationals. But Homm just couldn’t live without a quick visit to the art treasures of Florence, which is in Italy, which has the disadvantages for Homm of being not his country of birth, and of being a country with an extradition treaty with America. Luckily for Homm, the Italian judicial system is such a mess that it couldn’t extradict him quickly enough and now he is safely ensconced in the Bundesrepublik, presumably for the rest of his mortal life.

The above story ended in June, when FloHo walked out of an Italian jail and immediately on to the first Lufthansa flight heading north of the Alps. Which means that Firtash has no excuse for having been in Austria, a country that (a) is not his own, (b) has a U.S. extradition treaty and (c) has a government he does not advise, no matter how wonderful the collections of the Kunsthistorisches Museum might be.

Billionaire Dmytro Firtash met in February with British diplomats at the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s London headquarters. They discussed Ukrainian politics and economics….

Three weeks after the meeting in London, Austrian police jailed Mr. Firtash on an American arrest warrant. He’s now out on €125 million ($156 million) bail, but not allowed to leave Austria amid U.S. efforts to extradite him.

Ukrainian Billionaire, Wanted by U.S., Builds Ties in Britain [WSJ]


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