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Colgate University: Cradle Of Hedge Fund Traders

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The folks over at SumZero have crunched the numbers on their 11,000 members to find out just where you should send your kids if you want them to follow your footsteps into the buy-side at a hedge fund, and you’ll be stunned by the results. Just kidding: Send them to Wharton or Harvard. Or, if possible—or if, say, Wharton or Harvard aren’t, either because you’re kid’s a dolt and/or because you foolishly went to Brown or Binghamton or something, depriving your progeny of that most important gift, legacy status—you could always just ship them off to Colgate which, on account of its size, doesn’t have many alums at the best fund, but which Sabermetrically blows everyone out of the water. The place down the road from Harvard’s not a bad choice, either. Nor is Mike Bloomberg’s alma mater.

…some colleges tend to send a higher percentage of their own future "buy side" analysts to elite hedge funds. Such a "batting average" can help adjust for smaller undergraduate classes that just don't have as many alumni. Colgate tops the list, with 18 percent of its "buy side" alumni at top funds. MIT comes in at 15 percent, with Johns Hopkins just under 15 percent.

In terms of total alumni working at funds, the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard still have the most impressive numbers. They have the top two spots in terms of alumni at all funds as well as top funds.

Exclusive: These colleges feed alumni to elite hedge funds [CNBC]


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