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Spend The Holidays With Dealbreaker

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Let your friends and colleagues know December 17th is spoken for in your calendar. You're spending the night with DB&Co. and it's gonna be more fun than this guy has splashing around in the tub.

At long last, the fourth installment of Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading Night is here. DBDRN4 will begin at 7:30PM on December 17th at a bar somewhere in downtown Manhattan and will include lots of new (old) material, plus some fan favorites. Once again, we're allowing YOU, the attendee, to request a favorite post to be read. We're not guaranteeing anything, but if you pick one that lends itself to a dramatic rendition, we'll consider it. Don't make a big scene if yours doesn't make the cut, though. We're all professionals here. We'll leave you with this: there is no better way to spend the holiday season than with your friends at Dealbreaker, and the spirit of a noted Pimco CEO. Request your tickets NOW.*

*After signing up you will receive an email with directions to buy tickets, so be on the lookout. (Some people have reported the email going to spam, so search your box for the words "Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading Night Part IV".)



Happy Holidays From Dealbreaker

Glad tidings to at least some of you.

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