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Dov Charney Reminds American Apparel His "DNA" Is All Over The Company

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Knowing this guy-- who was officially fired as CEO today-- he meant that figuratively and literally. God only knows what other personal items he left around corporate headquarters.

American Apparel Inc. said it officially terminated the employment of Chief Executive Dov Charney and has named veteran fashion executive Paula Schneider as his successor. Mr. Charney was suspended as president and CEO by the board in June for alleged misconduct and violations of company policy. After its review, American Apparel said Tuesday that a special committee conducting an internal investigation determined it wouldn’t be appropriate for Mr. Charney to be reinstated as CEO or as an employee of the company...The board moved to fire him on the grounds that he had misused company funds and failed to stop the publication of nude photos of a former employee who had sued him for sexual harassment, among other allegations. His lawyer previously called those allegations baseless...

In a statement, Mr. Charney said he is confident he will continue to have a strong relationship with American Apparel in the years ahead as its largest shareholder. “Naturally, I am disappointed with the circumstances, and my over 25 years of deep passion and commitment for American Apparel will always be the core DNA of the company,” he said.

American Apparel Officially Terminates CEO Charney’s Employment [WSJ]


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