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Dov Charney Spending His Last $100K On Lawyers

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Bloomberg’s Trish Regan interviewed the immortal Dov Charney last week, with apparently no unwanted contact or anything else untoward happening. What did happen is that Dov—who was making $800K as a paid consultant to his former company until last week—made very clear that he’s very unhappy that Standard General took the part of their agreement about not necessarily giving him his job back seriously, and that he’s going to “sue everyone” over it even as he tries to get another alternative investments firm to buy AA and do what Standard General wouldn’t, even though they’re not promising anything either. There is a problem, however: Suing everyone tends to incur some pretty serious legal fees, and Dov is homeless and down to his last $100,000.

She quoted Charney as saying: “I gave them my entire life’s work and they agreed to put me back in, but instead they used this investigation to fire me. They betrayed me. I gave them my heart. My shares. They teamed up with Allan and worked against me.” (Charney was referring to Allan Mayer, former co-chair of the board….)

“He would like to see this company taken private,” Regan said of Charney. “He’s suing everyone, by the way.”

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