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Dov Charney’s Version Of Broke Includes A $4 Million House He’s Not Using

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One can debate whether sleeping on a friend’s couch on the Lower East Side is preferable to sleeping in your 20-room, marble-and-gold-encrusted hilltop estate in Los Angeles. It’s an admittedly close call. What is not up for debate is that said house has monetary value in excess of Dov’s last $100K.

PropertyShark dug into their raw data for Curbed and confirmed that there are no liens on the property, no sign of a sale, or anything else that would suggest Charney has lost or is in danger of losing control of the house. He did take out a $200,000 mortgage in 2006, right after he first bought the place, but there's no evidence that he's in trouble with it….

Dov Charney Isn’t Broke of Homeless, He Has a $4-Million Manson in Silver Lake [Curbed LA]


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