Here Are Some Things That Paul Singer Thinks Suck


Our friends over at DealBook yesterday gave the Elliott Management chief an audience and a microphone, which means that Paul Singer did what he does when he gets an audience and a microphone: Give his enemies a piece of his mind. The Fed? A bunch of self-important “enablers” with a martyr complex. CalPERS? Doesn’t know what the hell it’s talking about. Corporate boards? Lazy incompetents. And don’t get him started on Argentina… oh, wait, forget it: He’s already started.

“The government of Argentina has elevated a commercial dispute -- and they have not counter-offered -- and are posturing it as something about national dignity,” Singer, who runs Elliott Management, said today at a conference sponsored by the New York Times’ DealBook in New York. It’s “difficult to predict what they will do after Jan. 1.”

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