If You Stand Perfectly Still, Dan Loeb Cannot See You: Sony Execs


We’ve laughed at the sophomoric exchanges between and among the upper echelons of one of the biggest industries in America. We’ve shaken our heads at the incredible self-regard of one A. Sorkin. We’ve been spared another James Franco turd. But the North Koreans have given us something more precious than all of the above combined: a further insight into the ways and means of Dan Loeb—and his unparalleled ability to strike fear into the hearts of those he targets.

In April, Lynton asked Sony Entertainment President Nicole Seligman whether he should invite Loeb to a Spider-Man film premiere, or arrange a meeting.

"Should I try and see him when I am in NYC next Thursday?" he wrote in an email in April. He also asked Jeff Blake, Sony Pictures' vice chairman at the time, whether tickets for the premiere were available for Loeb.

"My instinct is to stay off his radar," Seligman advised.

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