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If You’d Like A Little Enforced Consumer Mortgage Aid From JPMorgan, You’d Better Act Quick

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By its own calculations, the bank has already given away more than half the money it has to give away to keep the Justice Department from filing criminal charges against it, and it’s not afraid to say so.

“We continue to help thousands of families become homeowners and assist those who may be struggling,” a J.P. Morgan spokeswoman said.

With a gun to their head, sure, but all the same. And should you miss out of this coerced generosity, you needn’t fear. Jamie Dimon’s only handling $4 billion of the $13.5 billion in forced largesse; you could always try your hand at Citi or BofA.

J.P. Morgan Says It’s More Than Half Done With Mortgage-Settlement Consumer Relief [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]


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