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John Paulson Has Had Better Days

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Also better weeks/months/years.

The billionaire’s firm posted a 27 percent year-to-date loss in its event-driven fund after a 3.1 percent decline in November, according to two people familiar with the matter. The Paulson Recovery Fund has declined 14 percent this year and a version of the event-driven strategy that can buy new share issues such as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. has fallen 17 percent.

Paulson Comeback Reverses as Event Fund Drops 27% in Year [Bloomberg]
Paulson Fund Said to Extend Losses, Declining by 14% This Year [Bloomberg BW]


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John Paulson Can Lose Money Just Fine On His Own, Thank You Very Much

Guy Levy’s negative-return services are no longer required at Paulson & Co.

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John Paulson Finds Scapegoats For Gold Losses

It was those greedy bastard gold-miner CEOs this whole time! And they’re not gonna get away with it.

John Paulson Is Up

For the year beginning Dec. 1. Otherwise, things are not so good.