Let’s Have A Chat About: CFA Exam-Eve Freak Out Levels - Dealbreaker

Let’s Have A Chat About: CFA Exam-Eve Freak Out Levels


As no one needs to be reminded, tomorrow is judgment day for scores of financial services employees hoping to one day add 3 little letters to the bottom of their email signature. If you’re feeling prepared, confident, and calm, that’s nice for you. If you haven't been having a recurring nightmare all week wherein you show up to the test center not just naked but without your calculator, that's also nice for you. If on a scale of 1-10, 1 being “I have zero anxiety whatsoever about tomorrow’s exam” and 10 being “I’m screaming into a pillow right,” you’re somewhere between 9-15, take heart.

We can’t help you tomorrow, but we CAN offer you this safe space to work out your issues. Everyone here is a friend. We’re listening.


Let’s Talk About: CFA Level I Results

Are you among the 37% of candidates who passed the December 2012 exam? Are you going to celebrate by allowing yourself one night off from studying and then cracking the Level II books first thing tomorrow morning?