Measure Your Self-Worth By Your M.B.A. Classmates’ VC Fundraising Success


Not satisfied with opaque rankings in a magazine or dull job-placement statistics to reassure yourself that you definitely did not waste (or are not wasting) $200K? Or that even if you did waste it, at least you wasted it at the best possible place to waste it? Well, a few B-schools that wouldn’t seem to have much to prove have come up with new ways to prove it, anyway.

Attempts to measure graduates’ success in venture funding and market valuation are at an early stage. But faculty and administrators say the metric could someday be as central to schools’ marketing as job placement and salary figures are today.

Successful startups “provide enormous inspiration” for current students, says Meredith McPherron, the chair of Harvard Business School’s Rock Center for Entrepreneurship. “The investment community then starts to see that there were successful startups that came out of HBS,” she adds.

The Newest B-School Brag: Alumni Startups [WSJ]