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Next Time Wall Street Recruitment Exec Asks A Female Employee To Call Him 'Daddy' He'll Bring In A Translator First

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Behold, what clearly deserves a place in the Top 10 of excuses offered re: misunderstandings re: sexual harassment on Wall Street:

One female employee at CTPartners alleged Jeremy Robertson, who works in the firm’s hedge fund practice, called himself “daddy” and said he wanted to spank her. When she complained to Vice Chairman Burke St. John, he dismissed the matter due to a “language barrier,” even though Robertson’s first language is English, according to her statement in the EEOC complaint.

Also, penis shadows:

St. John also was accused of boorish behavior. He would call women into his Sixth Avenue office and talk about how the shadows on the buildings outside looked like “penises,” the woman alleges.

Also, naked rugby scrums:

CTPartners is a den of discrimination where women are stripped of profitable accounts, held to a higher standard than their male colleagues and subjected to lewd behavior, including a booze-fueled naked romp held by a top partner, according to a confidential complaint, The Post has learned. Brian Sullivan, the chairman at CTPartners Executive Search, ripped off his clothes along with other partners during a drunken party at his Florida home in May 2012, female employees allege in discrimination charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee. Sullivan and at least three other top executives shed their clothes, formed a rugby-like scrum and ran into the ocean, according to the complaint. The debauched night, which was corroborated by former workers who claim to be witnesses, is just one instance of alleged sexual impropriety at the global recruitment giant.

Wall Street recruiters had boozy naked romps: complaint [NYP]


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