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Paul Volcker Doesn’t Hate Banks

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He just hates giant American banks. If you’re transacting business in Riga, Cairo or Tokyo, he’s listening.

Most recently, he joined a group of western private-equity investors that is buying 75% of Latvia’s Citadele Bank for €74 million ($91 million), a deal that has generated some backlash….

“Mr. Volcker doesn't comment on his personal investments,” Anthony Dowd, a spokesman for the former Fed chief, wrote in an email to The Wall Street Journal. “I can say, though, that he is only a small passive investor in the Citadele transaction.”

Ex-Fed Chairman Volcker Buys Stake in Latvian Bank [WSJ]


By Federalreserve [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

At Least Paul Volcker Doesn’t Have To See This

Kiss another piece of the Volcker rule goodbye.


Keep Paul Volcker In Your Thoughts

No former Fed chairman should have to bury his rule so young.

See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Regulators Unceremoniously Dump Volcker Rule Into Crude Ditch Next To Its Author

But not without delivering another, posthumous “F.U.” to the late former Fed chief.