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Steve Cohen: Giving When It Counts


The big guy bided his time, waiting until he could see where his money could be best used to elect Republican governors in states he doesn’t live in—and also saving those would-be governors the trouble of having to explain why they were financing their campaigns with money from a guy who, you know, has had a few reputational issues lately.

Mr. Cohen contributed $1.5 million to the American Comeback Committee, a related organization of the Republican Governors Association on Oct. 24 – a date that was after the final reporting period for the election. As a result, the donation was not made public until after the election….

Republicans used that financial advantage to expand their grip on state capitols, defending a number of vulnerable incumbents and claiming Democratic governorships in Arkansas, Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts.

Hedge Fund Founder Steve Cohen Gave Big to Boost Republican Governors [WSJ Washington Wire blog]