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The Real American Immigration Problem

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It’s not the people picking your fruit or manicuring your lawn. It’s that we’re selling legal entrée way, way too cheap. If the Maltese can get €650K in cash and another €500K in investment, and the Aussies can get A$15 million in investment for permanent residency, and the British £10 million in investment for a visa, surely we can get more than a measly half-million in investment, no? Ignore the unseemliness of a citizenship auction and start rolling out the red carpet to the highest bidder.

Mr. Metcalf argues that visas, if sold at all, should be offered through a formal auction, with proceeds going to a national education program. While he acknowledges that an auction may seem crass, he argues that it beats the current system.

“Let’s find out what the optimal price really is,” he says. “People say, ‘Well, you’re selling citizenship.’ We’re not selling citizenship; we’re selling settlement. And right now, we’re practically giving it away.”

Some of the Rich Collect Art. Others Collect Passports. [NYT]


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