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This Is Why Chris Rokos Really Needs A Job (At Home Gym)

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Remember Chris Rokos? The “R” in Brevan Howard? Having a little tiff with his former employer over the atrophy of his trading skills and the crime against humanity that represents?

Well, one thing that’s not atrophying during his five years on the shelf? His body. At least, he’d like to keep it from atrophying, which is why he needs to turn the carriage house behind his apartment into a “cardio area.”

A hedge fund ‘superstar’ is converting a £3million mews house into a new gym and garage - for his neighbouring home….

The 44-year-old now wants to replace the former coach house with a fitness suite and ‘cardio area’ as part of a basement gym with a garage large enough for two large vehicles at road level.

Hedge fund 'superstar' converts £3million 19th century mews house - so he can have a new garage and 'cardio area' [Daily Mail]



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