Uber Raised Some Money


Go forth and discuss these data points with your Uber driver tonight.

Uber Technologies Inc.’s valuation of $41 billion is a bet by some of the world’s top investors that the ride-sharing service can keep up its global expansion despite fierce challenges from regulators and taxi commissions. The San Francisco-based company said it collected $1.2 billion from investors and is seeking to raise as much as $600 million in additional capital from strategic investors. The company confirmed the round valued it at $40 billion; including the new funds, its post-money valuation is $41.2 billion...It is a big jump from last year when Uber raised capital at a $3.5 billion valuation. Earlier this year it gathered another $1.2 billion that gave it an estimated $18.2 billion price tag.

Uber Now Valued at More Than $41 Billion [WSJ]


Uber Will Keep Raising Capital Until There Is No More Private Money Left

The Ayn Rand themed car service is now making a habit out of "Billion dollar rounds."


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You heard it here first: Travis' replacement should come from Wall Street, not Sand Hill Road.


Dara Khosrowshahi Has Already Succeeded As Uber CEO

Three simple letters and the man is immortal.