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Were You In The Right Hedge Funds This Year?

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In a word, no. Unless you’re a Pershing Square client or went in really big on Indian hedge funds and other vehicles run by people you’ve never heard of.

Mumbai-based Alchemy Capital Management ranked No. 1 on Simplify's list as manager Hiren Ved's $53 million long-short equity fund gained 63 percent through November….

The second and third spots went to San Francisco-based funds: Oleg Nodelman's $206 million long-short equity fund EcoR1 Capital Fund posted a 62.2 percent gain, while Kurt von Emster and Behzad Aghazadeh's $182 million venBio Select Fund surged 61.8 percent, according to the survey.

Other funds on Simplify's top-twenty list were also mostly on the smaller side, generally overseeing less than $1 billion. Paul Mulvaney's $198 million Mulvaney Global Diversified Program gained 53 percent, while Darren Upton's $660 million ISAM Systematic Fund jumped 48 percent.

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Francis Montague Holl [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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