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What Other Pieces Of Evidence Did Bill Gross Compile In His Three-Ring Binder Of Doom?

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In the weeks that followed, Gross tried to close ranks. He spent more than 20 minutes before a firm-wide meeting to discuss the media scrutiny that had beset the company, a speech in which he disparaged El-Erian, according to two people. When he ended to a standing ovation from the audience, including Hodge and Ivascyn, at least one executive declined to rise. Thimons, a managing director outspoken in his objections to Gross’s leadership, disagreed with his comments and refused to stand, according to a person who was present. El-Erian’s departure had prompted media scrutiny and reports of clashes between El-Erian and Gross. The Wall Street Journal cited one example where Gross complained that El-Erian wouldn’t let him run the firm’s entire $2 trillion in assets...To stop the reports, Gross set up interrogations of members of the investment committee, managing directors, and lower-ranking money managers. He carried around a three-ring binder of printed-out e-mails and hand-written notes to find out who was talking to the press. Among his suspects were Balls, a former journalist, and Thimons, the executive who had remained seated during the standing ovation and who had organized a going-away party for El-Erian. -- Bloomberg News, December 3, 2014

  • Security camera footage of the office break room showing a young trader offering El-Erian a bite of his sandwich?
  • Eyewitness accounts of a member of the investment committee shaking El-Erian's hand on his last day of work?
  • Chicken scratch that said something about how he was almost sure he saw two executive assistants mocking the birthday party he'd held for Bob The Cat last year. He was on the other side of the room so "not positive" but can read lips so pretty certain?
  • A note dated "8/7/2014" in which he wrote, "Walked into the men's room just now and a group of first year analysts who'd been huddling together scattered immediately upon seeing me. 100% know I heard the word 'Chubs' used as I was walking in."?
  • Something about suspecting his gardener of being in on the whole thing?
  • A composite sketch he did at 2AM one morning after waking up from the most vidid dream. The sketch is of a the face of a was mostly obscured but in the dream he knew it was a colleague from the Pimco cap he was wearing. The other person had his back to Bill, but was definitely a reporter from the Wall Street Journal?

Fall of the Bond King: How Gross Lost Empire as Pimco Cracked [Bloomberg]