Bill Ackman Did Pretty Well For Himself Last Year, Has A New Herbalife


On this first matter, his firm returned over 40% in 2014. As for the second, sadly, it's a secret for now.

Pershing Square Capital Management seems to have knocked out all the competition as end-of-the-year performance reports are being released. Pershing Square Holdings, which is one of the four Hedge Funds run by PSCM, netted a 40.4% return for 2014. Performance at Pershing Square Holdings slipped 0.6% in December, however, according to the monthly report reviewed by ValueWalk...Among the firm’s short positions are Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE:HLF) and an undisclosed position.The unnamed short appears to be in a large cap company (market cap over $5 billion), as short exposure in large cap stocks went from 0% in October 2014 to -7% in December, according to data from Pershing Square’s monthly reports. Herbalife shed over 50% of its value this past year as it faced investigations conducted by Federal Trade Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission.

Pershing Square Finishes 2014 With Strong Returns, Bloomberg Puff Piece [ValueWalk]