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Bill Ackman: This Is The Year Bill Ackman Finally Dances On Herbalife’s Grave

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The Pershing Square chief knows you’ve heard it before. And before that. And, yes, he knows that sometimes, he gets a little carried away when talking about this particular no-doubt-about-it-any-idiot-can-see pyramid scheme. That he’s been a touch overoptimistic at times. Maybe even a bit, shall we say, hyperbolic?

But none of that matters anymore. 2014 was a great year for Bill Ackman—but it’s going to be nothing compared to 2015, when his ultimate vindication is certain.

William Ackman reiterated on Monday that he expects the nutrition company's stock price to collapse to zero and said it would happen within a year….

"It's an embarrassment to the country that this company exists," he told reporters after speaking at a church gathering in Chicago. He said the effective value of his bet is $1.2 billion.

Billionaire investor renews Herbalife attack with share collapse prediction [Reuters]



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