Bonus Watch ’14: Goldman Sachs Déjà Vu

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Top London staff may be having an unpleasant stagnant feeling. Like they’ve been here before. Because they have.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s top U.K. employees were paid an average of $4.7 million in 2013, flat with the year before….

Of the $193.6 million awarded in cash at Goldman, roughly 55% was made up of bonus payments, which include cash and stock, while the remainder was salary. Goldman also disclosed that about 61% of the restricted stock awarded last year was given to senior management.

Goldman Pay Is Flat for Top U.K. Staff [WSJ]


Bonus Watch '08: Goldman Sachs

Bonuses paid in '08 that were of the look-but-don't-touch variety were turned into real live ones that you can buy things with last year. Two billion dollars worth of live ones.