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Call The (Shake Shack) Close (UPDATE)

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UPDATE: And the winner is shackiswack, with a guess of $45.90 @ 3:45PM! Get in touch to claim your prize.

Danny Meyer's hot dog stands went public today. Get your close guesses in by 3:45PM, using standard Price Is Right rules. Winner receives his or her choice of a Shack gift card or Shack coasters, which we just found out today are a thing.

Obviously it'll be a tough call-- go for the card if you want the authentic Shake Shack experience of waiting on an interminably long line or the coasters if you want to stop living like a filthy animal with water rings all over your coffee table.

Good luck.


Call The (Facebook) Close (Update)

Standard Price Is Right rules, closest without going over, guesses in by 3:45PM Winner gets your choice of an ‘I violently heart Dealbreaker’ embroidered hoodie, a visit from the Sandwich Fairy on Monday, or our Facebook friendships.