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Chicago Billionaire Sounds Like A Real Treat

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In a newly disclosed detail, Dias Griffin says that, a few weeks before her husband left home in early 2012, Griffin had "forced Anne's personal trading and investment vehicle to abide by a new set of stringent spousal compliance rules imposed by Citadel." With those restrictions, Dias Griffin said it became difficult to trade and make her own money. "Kenneth has refused to support Anne and has taken the position that he should only be required to pay those expenses for the children that he arbitrarily deems 'reasonable,' rather than those expenses corresponding to the standard of living that the children would have enjoyed had the marriage not been dissolved," Dias Griffin said in her filing Tuesday. She also said in her court filing that, "just last week, he threatened her that if she asks him for a penny, he would sue her until she has no money left." Griffin has also failed to produce a current financial disclosure statement showing income, expenses and net worth, Dias Griffin said in her filing Tuesday. [Chicago Tribune]

Update: A spokeswoman for Citadel has sent us the following statement:

"Ken is focused on the wellbeing of his children, and that has guided his every decision. He has willingly paid all reasonable, and frankly, many unreasonable expenses throughout the separation, including millions in cash to Anne and a $10M gift to Harvard in Anne’s name. But when Anne takes things to a ridiculous level of extravagance and demands things like reimbursement for a $450k vacation to St. Bart's, enough is enough."


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