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Eviction Watch ’15: The Family Martoma

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Matthew Martoma has, for the foreseeable future, a place to stay in South Florida. His wife and three children may not be quite so lucky.

Last year, Rosemary Martoma made the reasonable argument that she gave up her lucrative career as a pediatrician for the equally-lucrative career of stay-at-home mom with the expectation that she’d get half of whatever her husband earned, like, for instance, $950,000 worth of their $1.9 million Boca Raton house. Prosecutors have responded, just as if not more reasonably, that quitting one’s job does not entitle one to half of money earned in nefarious ways by someone else. So, while preparing her retort to that unquestionably incisive response, Mrs. Martoma might want to start looking for more modest digs and a man with a van.

The government's legal interest in the assets, all traced to funds from the SAC Capital bonus, "unquestionably trumps" the claim by Martoma's wife, Assistant U.S. Attorney Christine Magdo wrote in the filing.

Rosemary Martoma "is not entitled to relitigate this court's finding that the specific properties were proceeds, or traceable to proceeds, of the defendant's crime," wrote Magdo. "Her backdoor attempts to do so — by, for example, claiming that she used her own funds to purchase the Florida property — are procedurally barred and factually unsubstantiated by the record."

Prosecutors claim $1.96M Florida mansion [USA Today]


By Paul Elledge [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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