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Ex-Morgan Stanley Employee Who Stole Client Information, Posted It On The Internet Disgusted By The Kind Of Person Who Would Do That

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Galen Marsh was once a Morgan Stanley employee, working in wealth management. He became an ex-Morgan Stanley just before the New Year, when the bank discovered that he'd helped himself to information on about 1,000 clients and maybe tried to sell said information online. How is Marsh feeling about the situation right about now? For one, he, via his lawyer, would like to note that despite the clients' names and phone numbers ending up on a website called Pastebin, he never "tried to sell or post the information online." He just stole it, okay? And two, he's just as, if not more gutted over what happened than the victims of his alleged crime. Makes him sick to his stomach. Ill just thinking about it. In fact, you know what? Put him down as a victim, too. He's pretty much heartbroken.

“This is an employment matter between Mr. Marsh and Morgan Stanley,” [Robert C.] Gottlieb [a lawyer for Marsh] said in a telephone interview Monday. “He has acknowledged that he should not have obtained the account information and he has been cooperating with Morgan Stanley to protect the firm and its customers.” “He is absolutely devastated by what has occurred and is extremely sorry for his conduct,” Gottlieb added.

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Ex-Morgan Stanley Broker Really Did Just Steal Client Information

So, uh...can we consider this one water under the bridge?