François Hollande Not Sure Why Greeks Would Want To Keep Euro, Anyway


It’s cost them and the Spanish (left unsaid: “and the French”) a lot of misery and heartbreak. The single currency’s all-but-worthless now, and they (and the French) are sick of letting Angela Merkel call all the shots in exchange for keeping their economies from an even more total collapse. He’s not saying he’d vote for the Communists and give up on the whole damned project, but, well, he wouldn’t blame you if you did.

French President Francois Hollande said on Monday countries including Spain and Greece had paid a heavy price to stay in the euro and it was "up to the Greeks" to decide whether to now remain a part of the single currency….

"At this time we should not hypothesize about whether, according to the Greek vote, they would not or would still be a member of the euro zone. The Greeks are free to determine their own destiny."

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