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George Soros Is Feeling A Little Blue

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George Soros has been spotted in one of his natural habitats, a certain Swiss ski resort in late January. But have these days in Davos brought a smile to the 84-year-old’s face? The parties, the hob-nobbing, the receipt of genuflections that he lives for? Have they hell. If anything, they’ve turned him into fellow Davos man Paul Singer. For all George Soros wants in his declining years, in addition to a wife half his age, is some fun in the markets, an opportunity to do one last great thing that makes him an Alp-sized pile of money. In this, George Soros fears he is to be disappointed.

Soros says since the crash of 2008, financial markets and international affairs have been closer and closer intertwined, making things hairy.

“This has greatly increased the level of uncertainty, volatility and unpredictability, both in financial markets and international affairs... So the increased interaction between the two is experienced as external shocks by both,” Soros said, speaking at a dinner in Davos yesterday….

“This has made the job of hedge-fund managers hellishly difficult. Great opportunities mostly missed or experienced as shocks….”

“The heightened uncertainty and volatility makes me less bullish than the markets because they militate against risk taking and reinforce the lack of investment demand,” Soros says.

Soros says these ‘hellish’ markets make him less bullish [MarketWatch]