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Hedge Fund Guy Can Manage Your Money In His Sleep

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Lids are looking a little heavy.

And he does! When Guy Spier isn’t spending $650K to lunch with Warren Buffett or checking his many, many iPhones, you may be able to find him in his nap room/”library,” where he tries to spend as much time as he possibly can.

It’s the other end of my office; I have to walk down a corridor to get there and I just spend as much time as I can in that library and not at my desk….

Every time I walk over to the other side of the office, I get a better sense of my priorities on where I ought to be spending my time….

If I were designing my office from scratch, I would have an entrance which would take me straight into the library and my busy office would be a little bit harder to get to….

I told Mohnish Pabrai that I sort of like the 3 p.m. nap; it’s a good 40-minute nap and I come out of it feeling awesomely relaxed and I don’t feel the urge to do anything, so I’m a little bit concerned. He looks at me and says, ‘what’s wrong with that?’

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