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Hunt And Fish Club Opens Its Doors To Wall Street Insiders, The Great Gatsby, Women Who Want To Be "Declawed Like A Lobster"

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Nineteen months ago, Wall Street was offered a tantalizing taste of the Hunt and Fish Club, "A Manhattan eatery catering to hedge fund and private equity professionals," where everyone who walked through the doors would be "made to feel special and privileged, particularly in front of [their] guests, business associates and clients," and unlike other establishments, where "unattractive staff" run amok, the waitresses would be judged on bangability first, serving skill second.

But like an amuse-bouche devoured just before hell broke out in the kitchen and the sous chef went on strike, causing an hours long disruption in dinner service, that taste, nay, tease was followed by an agonizingly long wait for the Hunt and Fish Club to open its doors.

And then finally, this month, it happened. While many who read the marketing materials way back in 2013 were likely intrigued by the concept, lots of people are probably wondering, now that it's here, "Is the Hunt and Fish Club right for me?" And the answer is: TRICK QUESTION. The Hunt and Fish Club is right for everyone. It's right for:

  • Women who want to be treated like meat, bowls of pasta, or shellfish: “I feel like it’s more special as a woman here,” says 49-year-old Kavovit, who owns a female-friendly tool company called DIYVA by Barbara K. “As soon as you walk in, it’s like, ‘Wow.’ You definitely feel like you’re unique. It makes you feel like a lobster, just like, ready to be declawed.”
  • Reality TV stars: “Mob Wives” star Carla Facciolo, 48, nods alongside her.
  • Jay Gatsby: The two-floor space boasts a chrome chandelier the size of a small yacht and 55,000 pounds of marble enveloping the floors, staircase, bars and walls. “When these guys were designing it, I wanted to see Leonardo DiCaprio. You know that light, light pink suit he’s wearing in ‘The Great Gatsby’?” asks Scaramucci, 51, who also owns “a small part of the Mets.” “I wanted him standing at the bar in that custom suit saying, ‘OK, this is the right spot for this guy.’”
  • Frank Sinatra: Sugarman, who hails the spot’s “Las Vegas service,” says he wanted Hunt & Fish to be the kind of place where Frank Sinatra, “a friend of mine,” would hang out.
  • Executive assistants: One week prior to the outburst, Angela Spatorcio, 37, and Leslie Defelice, 27, were perfectly at ease amid the male-dominated scene as they dug into their complimentary popovers. The two executive assistants for Mitsubishi UFJ Securities said they were road-testing the eatery as a potential client meeting spot for their bosses.
  • Dean Martin:’s all about the extra little touches that elevate Hunt & Fish from a typical steakhouse — like Scaramucci’s homemade limoncello: “The place wouldn’t be fitting for Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra if we didn’t have limoncello,” he says.
  • People who want to take their shoes off while they eat: They’ve also stationed a shoeshine guy on the lower floor who will polish any patron’s footwear for free. “That was a good idea, right?” asks Scaramucci, fist-bumping Braff, 55. “All these hipsters are wearing sneakers, though. I don’t like that,” he adds, saying that diners can remove their kicks during dinner and the shine guy will “give you your shoes back under the table.”


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*No sneakers, you bums. This is a classy establishment.


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