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Japan's Lack Of Screwing May Screw With Global Economy

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The Japanese apathy for sex is such a worry that their media even have a name for it: Sekkusu shinai shokogun, which translates to ‘celibacy syndrome’. However Japan’s incredibly low birthrate, which has shrunk over the past decade to be one of the lowest in the world, could mean that the country could soon not have a large enough population to support their economy. Being one of the world’s largest economies, a major dive in Japan’s financial security could easily affect the global economy, according to some experts. Japan’s dwindling birth rates are not the result of poor prenatal care or high child mortality, people there just don’t seem to be interested in marriage, having children, or even dating and casual sex. [Metro]


Is Japan the Next Greece?

The IMF recently released a worrisome report about Japan’s growing fiscal deficits. The nation’s second-biggest economy injected several hundred billion dollars in stimulus money into its economy in the hope of avoiding recession