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Ken Griffin Does Not Care How Kind And Generous A Person The Ingrate Who Stole His High-Frequency Trading Code Is

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Yihao Ben Pu ham-handedly borrowed a bit more code than Citadel is comfortable with and then even more ham-handedly tried to get rid of the evidence to that effect. It didn’t work, because Pu pleaded guilty to taking the code last year.

At the time of the theft, his lawyers would like to point out, he was just 23 and doing the kind of things that 23-year-olds, even hot-shot Cornell-educated computer engineers do, which is to say stupid things. His lawyers would also like to point out—and when better to point it out than today, when a judge decides how long Pu has to spend in jail for being stupid—that he’s generally a good person whose actions didn’t actually cost Ken Griffin any money.

Ken Griffin is not interested in those arguments. He is interested in seeing Pu in a prison jumpsuit, preferably for as long as possible. And with Illinois’ richest man (for now) standing over their shoulders making that face, prosecutors seem inclined to agree.

Federal prosecutors want a minimum seven-year prison sentence for a former hotshot computer engineer at the powerhouse Chicago hedge fund, Citadel….

At Pu's sentencing hearing in federal court they will ask for no jail time and plan to tell the judge that Pu is a kind and generous man who deserves probation.

A second ex-employee of citadel who was in on the scheme will also be sentenced tomorrow. Sahil Uppal pleaded guilty in the case as well.

Feds Want Prison for ‘Greedy’ Ex-Citadel Employee Who Stole Trade Secrets [ABC7 Chicago]
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