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No Need To Worry About Scheduling Board Conference Calls Around Rajat Gupta’s Time At The Prison Phone

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John Roberts & co. may yet spring Rajat Gupta from the hoosegow, but even if it does, it won’t let him start collecting board checks again.

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected an appeal by Rajat Gupta, the former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. director convicted of insider trading, leaving in place a lifetime ban on serving as an officer or director of a public company.

Ex-Goldman Director Gupta Rejected by Top Court on Lifetime Ban [Bloomberg]


Rajat Gupta’s Massachusetts Trip Isn’t Over Yet

The federal prison in Devens, MA is still hope for the time being.


Judges No More Interested In Restoring Rajat Gupta’s Good Name Than They Were His Freedom

Gonna be a something of a long shot for Raj to get that Commerce Secretary appointment now.