Overzealous Weather Forecasts Ruined QWAFAFEW Night For Nothing

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This is on your conscience, Roker.

Even though the snow was anticlimactic in New York, finance workers said events had to be canceled, postponed or shifted from in-person meetings to Skype calls. For instance, a group of quantitative analysts that meets regularly at a pub in Manhattan to talk algorithms over beers had to postpone its first event for 2015. The group, which calls itself "QWAFAFEW" - pronounced "quaff a few" - was supposed to get together on Tuesday but will meet on Thursday instead. "I got enough people saying, 'I hope you're going to move it," said Herbert Blank, chair of the New York chapter of QWAFAFEW, which stands for Quantitative Work Alliance for Applied Finance, Education and Wisdom. "If only five people showed up, it wouldn't be good."

Wall Street back to 'business as usual' as storm wanes [Reuters via Lauren LaCapra]