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Preet Bharara Does Not Need This Shit

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The four guys who got to retract their guilty pleas to the crime earlier this month? Yea, they won’t have to enter new pleas of any kind—unless the Second Circuit Court of Appeals sees the error of its ways, or the Supreme Court sees said error.

Five men accused of trading on inside tips about IBM’s $1.2 billion purchase of SPSS Inc. will have all charges against them dropped after a sweeping appeals court ruling made such cases more difficult to prove.

The charges may be refiled if the “erroneous” appeal ruling is scaled back, though there’s no indication that will happen, Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Bauer said Thursday at a hearing in Manhattan federal court.

IBM Insider-Trading Charges to Be Dropped Against Five Men [Bloomberg]
U.S. prosecutors to drop insider trading charges over IBM deal [Reuters]


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