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Promotion Watch '15: Morgan Stanley

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A new class of managing directors was anointed this morning, with a congratulatory call from Big Jim.

Senior Morgan Stanley executives, including Chief Executive Officer James Gorman, have been calling employees named to the new class of managing directors, people familiar with the matter told Reuters...The Wall Street bank will make an internal announcement with names of the new managing directors at noon EST (1700 GMT). Last year it appointed 153 new managing directors.

Exclusive: Morgan Stanley appoints new managing directors - sources [Reuters]


Promotion Watch '12: Citigroup

Contrary to popular belief, not all news is bad news at Citigroup. Yesterday a whole buncha employees were named Managing Directors and while some might say that the only Wall Street promotion news worth reporting is that of Goldman Sachs, Citigroup is a real bank, too, so here ya go:

Promotion Watch '12: Credit Suisse

Recent events might have had you thinking otherwise, but Credit Suisse does more than just layoff its employees-- sometimes it promotes them, too! Earlier this morning, in fact, the Swiss bumped a whole bunch of guys and girls up to managing director. And even though it's not grundle-to-face level exciting, it's still something.

Layoffs Watch '15: Morgan Stanley

Cuts have begun across the pond.

Bonus Watch '15: Goldman Sachs > Morgan Stanley > Bank of America

And backing up the rear for bonus across the pond: Société Générale.

Layoffs Watch '15: Morgan Stanley Not Wasting Any Time

The four-figures worth of cuts announced this week are under way.