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Some People Passed The Level I CFA Exam...

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...while others, like 56% of those who sat for the test last month, did not. Today, those in the latter camp are contemplating what went wrong, wondering if they threw away 4-6 months of their lives studying (or if it was all a dream), and estimating how much more liquor they have to ingest to have enough fuel in the tank to spell out "Damn you to hell, CFA Institute. Damn you straight to hell!" in snow/if the ticket for public urination would make them feel better or worse about the day.

To those people: we're here for you.

A higher percentage of hopefuls for the Chartered Financial Analyst designation passed the first level of their three-part exam in December. Forty-four percent of applicants passed the test, the CFA Institute said Tuesday on its website, up from 42 percent in June and 43 percent in December 2013. Candidates may take the Level 1 exam in both June and December, unlike the two latter levels, which are available once a year...More than 47,000 financial professionals sat for the latest test, an increase of about 3 percent from a year earlier. Successful charter recipients spend an average of 300 hours preparing for each exam and typically take four years to complete all three tests, according to the Charlottesville, Virginia-based not-for-profit institute.

CFA Level 1 Exam Pass Rate Increases to 44% for December Test [BusinessWeek]


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