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S&P Positively Verklemmt About The Germans

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All is not well in the German Empire European Union. The Greeks may be about to do something extremely regrettable. The bloc’s economy stubbornly refuses to recognize the wisdom and effectiveness of Angela Merkel’s austere medicine. But while the Czechs have succumbed to all of the unpleasantness (JFK-Prague airfares are looking very reasonable right now, for what it's worth), the Germans couldn’t be steadier. At least according to S&P.

The firm, which sees Germany’s gross domestic product growing 1.1% in 2015, rates the country’s credit at triple-A, with a stable outlook….

S&P also said Germany is set to have a period of balanced government budgets, while its low deficits have been backed by what the firm called “a very favorable interest rate environment.”

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