Stint Behind Bars All Worth It For Scam-Artist-Turned-21st-Century-Ayn-Rand


Not Andy Pettitte.

Anthony Klatch has a funny way of accepting responsibility for defrauding investors in his hedge fund of $2.3 million. While the then-27-year-old (eventually) pleaded guilty to stealing about half of the money he raised and losing the rest, he has a somewhat more nuanced understanding of “responsibility” after serving some of the five-year prison sentence that resulted. An understanding that he “experienced persecution from the government because of crimes that had no criminal intent.”

But, as some guy once said, what does not kill one makes one stronger. Or, at least, gives one a bunch to write about in a book, in which Klatch both channels Ayn Rand and becomes the first person in history to write about the debt crisis—which he’s figured out, by the way.

“I witnessed several human rights violations throughout my incarceration, and I wanted to tell my story in a fictional way that also worked with today’s themes,” he said. “Further, the continuous deficit spending of the United States is something that will impact us all, and I have defined a way out. That is what I call ‘The White Swan….’”

Klatch, of Tampa, Florida, added that there aren’t many writers who take a stand on issues such as the debt crisis or drug freedoms.

“I have done my best to address the relevancy in the degradation of societal morality,” he said.

Author’s first work of fiction was inspired by his life’s trials [standardspeaker .com]