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Single UK Bankers Just Want An Artistic, Beautiful, Club-Hopping, Hyper-Organized, Music Connoisseur Who Understands That Bankers Are Amazing People Who Had Nothing To Do With The Financial Crisis

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Is that too much to ask?

An amusing factor holding male City workers back is their romantic desire for arty women who live in bohemian garrets but miraculously also enjoy the gauche nightlife of the moneyed, she says. “The guys say they are bored with these City girls, they want someone more creative — a recent guy asked for just artists only, or people into music. But once you set them up with that, it never really works. “They have this image from the movies of the artist who happens to look beautiful and is really clean, but more often than not they find the ones I present them with too scatty or disorganized...The other problem with the banker fantasy is that cool chicks aren’t digging the guys who caused the recession. “I found that I was spending 15 minutes out of our hour consultation convincing potential partners that even though these guys work at a bank, they are great,” says [matchmaker] Wereko-Brobby. “I think they are made to feel really unworthy for being bankers in a creative circle, whereas back in the day [those people] would feel really s****y for being the only person who couldn’t pick up the cheque.”

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