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Lazard Intern Fired For Taking Bathroom Photos In Varying Degrees Of Undress Now Crediting Steve Jobs With Inspiring Career Change

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Here's an interview with a woman going by the name Veronica Vain, who previously interned at Lazard, where she was known as Paige Jennings. Vain/Jennings was apparently quite taken by Steve Jobs's 2005 commencement address at Stanford University, and, she says, used that inspiration as a springboard for getting into the adult entertainment industry.

BroBible: When did you know you wanted to leave Wall Street and pursue a career in p0rn? Was it something you thought about when you were in college? Or was this a recent revelation? Veronica Vain: Intellectually speaking, I love financial analysis and thinking. However, I found that I was not cut out for the politicking required to be successful, and sitting at a desk for eight or more hours a day really sucks the life out of you. More poignantly, it seems that being openly sexually confident and respectable are mutually exclusive in the corporate world for a woman, and that seriously irritates me. So I started exploring other options that weren’t so stringent structurally. To quote Steve Jobs: “You’ve got to find what you love.”

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