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What KFC Giveth, KFC Taketh Away

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Some might view the fact that Kentucky Fried Chicken is offering the Double Down Dog-- its follow-up to 2010's Double Down Sandwich, which spawned many a food eating contestacross Wall Street-- in limited quantities, for a limited time, and only in the Philippines as a good thing. A sort of, saving ourselves from ourselves move. Others, like financial services employees who went head to head with the Double Down sandwich and failed or those who didn't even have the gastrointestinal fortitude to try, and are looking for redemption, as a travesty. If you're in the latter camp-- and presumably, many of you are, remember, this isn't over yet. You can still petition your representative in Congress to do something, appeal to KFC directly, or, if all else fails, gather the ingredients represented and fashion a homemade Triple D yourself, then fashion a whole bunch more, bring 'em to your office and announce you came to play.

When the KFC Double Down sandwich debuted in 2010, it left many of us pondering this existential question: America, just how gross are we if this concoction can be called a “sandwich?” In case you missed Double Down-mania, its “bun” consisted of two fried chicken filets, and the filling was bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and “Colonel’s sauce.” The Double Down was a hit, though, with 10 million of them sold in the first month. The fast-food giant eventually brought the Double Down to overseas markets, including Japan, South Africa and Australia. And it appeared back home for a limited time in 2014, with KFC declaring, “Bread is dead.” Now, KFC has taken the Double Down to the next level of meatiness. Behold, the Double Down Dog, a “Chick’n Cheese” hot dog topped with honey mustard sauce and wrapped in a big ole piece of fried chicken...Before any American diners get too excited, the Double Down Dog is currently only available in the Philippines. And even there, this gastric gauntlet is not exactly easy to come by. According to KFC’s Philippines Facebook page, they are only selling 50 of them a day at 11 select locations. And the limited time item is only being sold from Jan. 26-27.

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