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Plaxico Burress And Tim Sykes Are Now Involved Professionally

Whether that relationship entails Sykes becoming Burress's financial advisor or Burress attending Tim Sykes University is unclear.
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Remember Tim Sykes? Starred in the inaugural, pre-crisis season of Wall Street Warriors, where his claim to fame was that he’d turned $12,415 in Bar Mitzvah money into “a pre-tax sum of $1.65 million”? Was named to the now defunct Trader Monthly‘s 30 Under 30 list, and subsequently disinvited to one of their party, a turn of events he did not take well? After he closed his fund– Cilantro Partners–, claiming the SEC had “fucked” him, Sykes continued to send out daily investment columns/penny stock advice/I will make you rich/what have you emails, and last year appeared on an episode of Below Deck, in which he referred to the crew as his slaved, made them sit through a "stock lesson," and wore an American Flag as a scarf. Anyway! He and former NY Giant and noted marksman Plaxico Burress have teamed up together to do...something.

Former NY Giant who shot himself in the leg teams up with 'penny stock millionaire' Tim Sykes [BI]


Tim Sykes Is Auditioning Women To Model Bikinis And Talk About Stocks In A "Classy" Way

Remember Tim Sykes? In 2006 he was featured in Trader Monthly's 30 Under 30 list for turning his "Bar Mitzvah gifts totaling $12,415 into a pre-tax sum of just under $2 million" (and was subsequently uninvited to the magazine's party for "not behaving like a responsible member of the financial community"), starred in the first season of Wall Street Warriors, almost died in a fire  he claimed was started by Dealbreaker readers, and accused the Securities and Exchange Commission of being "rapists." Anyway, he's still alive and is currently soliciting women to help him teach people things about stocks, or something. Timothy Sykes, millionaire trader and investment teacher, has created a beauty pageant, Miss Penny Stock, to “inspire students” (or perhaps an excuse to peruse attractive women). “It’s going to be a classy competition,” Sykes insists. “It’s not going to be some ditzy girl who wants to get by on her looks, it’s going to be a girl who wants to learn stocks.” At the casting event, beauties will model “bikini and cocktail” (presumably dresses, not drinks) and be asked questions like, “Do you know about stocks?” He says more than 100 women have already applied. “She’ll be a pretty face to show what I can do with my teaching,” he continued. “I want to teach everybody, so why not models?” [NYP]