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"Aggravated Pimping" Trial Might Not Do Amazing Things For Dominique Strauss-Kahn's Job Prospects: Expert

On the other hand, "ran prostitution ring" on a résumé could not only be a conversation starter but demonstrate initiative and leadership skills. So, really, this one could go either way.
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Dressing the part.

Remember Dominique Strauss-Kahn? French guy, about yea high? Ran the International Monetary Fund until he got into some hot water with a maid at his NYC hotel? Was separately charged with "aggravated pimping" for allegedly helping run a prostitution ring? Still managed to keep getting hired by companies and, as recently as last March, announced his intent to raise $2 billion and start an eponymous hedge fund? Well, he's finally going to trial over that whole pimping thing and at this point, he might not be able to convince people they should do business with him.

Strauss-Kahn was charged with “aggravated pimping” in the Lille case in 2012, as investigators said he played an organizing role in the ring. While prostitution and paying for sex aren’t illegal in France, procuring prostitutes for others is...The trial will run through Feb. 20, and may be extended by a week, though the judges’ verdict will come later, according to a court spokesman. If convicted, he could face 10 years in jail and a 1.5 million-euro ($1.7 million) fine. A six-month suspended sentence would be more likely if he’s found guilty, said Stephane Bonifassi, a lawyer at Lebray & Associates in Paris who isn’t involved in the case. Regardless, Strauss-Kahn will struggle to revive his career a third time, he said. “DSK is now on the fringe,” he said. “Enough is enough.”

Strauss-Kahn Pimping Trial Starts on Role in Prostitute Ring [Bloomberg]

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