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Area Landlord Will Ask Tougher Questions The Next Time He Rents Office Space

Such as, "Will you use this space to host sex parties?"
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A Manhattan landlord says he was shocked to find that the office space he rented out in Murray Hill was being used to host wild sex parties. Laurence Gluck ​filed suit in Manhattan Supreme Court Wednesday, saying he rented ​the space to Bytelair Inc., ​only to discover that instead of pushing papers the corporation​ was throwing illegal sex parties for transsexual, transvestite and cross-dress​ing participants. Gluck’s company, the ironically named Hole in One Associates LP, rented the sixth floor of 12 E. 32nd St. to Bytelair in December for “general office and meeting space,” his suit says. ​​Shortly after Bytelair moved in​,​ other building tenants started complaining about “excessive noise coming from the subject premises which continued until early morning hours on Friday and Saturday nights,” the suit says. The landlord’s reps were horrified when they visited the floor and heard people “engaging in sexual activity” behind hanging sheets, without a copy machine or stapler in sight. [NYP]