Argentine Judge Confirms All Of Paul Singer’s Suspicions About Argentine Legal System

His arch-nemesis, Cristina Kirchner, doesn't have to worry about those pesky criminal allegations anymore.

How would like to be on the Supreme Court, baby?

The Elliott Management chief will just have to keep doing everything himself now that a Buenos Aires judge has taken President Cristina Kirchner off the hook for a 20-year-old coverup.

An Argentine judge on Thursday dismissed the criminal allegations against President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner that had been brought by Alberto Nisman, a prosecutor who had accused her of conspiring to shield Iranian officials from responsibility for the deadly bombing of a Jewish community center here in 1994….

In a 63-page document released on Thursday detailing his decision, Mr. Rafecas said that the allegations did not “minimally hold up.”

Argentine Judge Rejects Criminal Case Against President [NYT]


Paul Singer Can’t Wait To Write Next Investor Letter

Short of having his arch-nemesis—Argentine President Cristina Kirchner—show up at his apartment on her knees in a sackcloth, carrying a letter of resignation and certified check for $1.7 billion, this week could hardly have gone better for Elliott Management’s Paul Singer, thanks to El Presidente.

Presidencia de la Nación Argentina [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Cristina Kirchner Not Done Torpedoing Argentine Economy

The mere thought of the former Argentine president has investors running for the hills.

Somewhere On West 57th Street, A Billionaire Is Laughing

His name is Paul and today, the day President Cristina Kirchner has been charged with doing a very bad thing, is the greatest day of his life.