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Barry Rosenstein Wants 0.17211% Of His Money Back

The Hamptons have been ruined for him and this is won't change things but it'll help. Some.
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Just not the same anymore.

When Barry Rosenstein bought himself a little beach house out in the Hamptons, he just wanted a little fun in the sun and sand—privately. He didn’t want to be known as the guy who bought the most expensive residential property in all the land. And he certainly didn’t want to get dragged into a lawsuit between the people who sold it to him and the people who they (allegedly) hired to sell it.

Truth be told, the whole thing has soured him on 60 Further Lane. He can’t help but feel watched when he’s walking around the lily pond, strolling through the apple orchard or using any of its countless bathrooms (he’s tried). The sellers can never give him back the pleasure secretly traipsing about each of its $8.17 million acres. But they can at least give him back the money he spent to get out of their lawsuit.

Rosenstein, founder of activist investor Jana Partners, says in a new Manhattan lawsuit that when he bought the palatial home at 60 Further Lane from the estate of late investor Christopher Browne, the trustees assured him that no real estate brokers were involved and promised to keep his identity confidential.

It turns out they lied, Rosenstein says in court papers, and the Corcoran real estate firm sued over the loss of an $8.82 million commission. Rosenstein had to spend the $253,000 to get his name tossed from the claim.

Tycoon sues for lost $253K after $147M Hamptons purchase [N.Y. Post]



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