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Bonus Watch ’15-’25 And Beyond: Who Not To Vote For In The U.K. General Election

If your number one priority is your bonus, here's a handy guide.
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If you think seven years is more than enough time for bonus clawbacks, that would be Labour. If you also think your bonus might be negatively affected by the economic apocalypse that would descend upon the City if Britain leaves the EU, then it would be nobody. Vote for nobody. And start looking for jobs in New York or Hong Kong or Zürich.

Britain's opposition Labour party said on Friday it would extend to at least 10 years the length of time over which miscreant bankers face having their bonuses clawed back, if it wins a national election in May....

"We need major reforms and long-term cultural change to restore trust and ensure our banks start working for consumers and businesses again," he said. "We will ensure people involved in misbehaviour and misconduct would have to give back their bonuses for at least a decade after they have been paid out."

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