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Buy This Saudi Prince's Upper West Side Pad For $48.5 Million And He'll Throw The Third Panic Room In For Free!

Two obviously just won't do. Plus! An in-house hair salon, a jacuzzi fit for 6, and a "sushi island bar."
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Have you pissed Vladimir Putin off? Done something that might make Ken Griffin want to swing a piece of furniture in your general direction? Thrown Steve Cohen under the bus, or tried to have your decades-old divorce from him reopened? Pursued an investigation into Argentina’s outgoing president? Or perhaps you’re just a foreign oligarch looking for a place to stash some of your money, sensitive documents and maybe yourself if things get a little too hot at home?

Well, look no further than the Heritage at Trump Place, where a spacious triplex is now available for just under $50 million. That may sound a little rich for the Upper West Side but it does have a unique amenity: bullet-proof panic rooms. Three, in fact—one on each floor, presumably. Never been used, either, as the Saudi prince who had them installed barely ever saw the place.

The apartment is four-bedroom, four-bathroom and six half-bath home that was created by merging six smaller units on the fifth, sixth and seventh floors of the 31-story condo building, city records showed. The apartment has a suite of customized spaces, including three bullet-proof panic rooms, a fitness center, billiards room, hair salon, a ventilated cigar room and a 60-foot living room overlooking the Hudson River, the listing said.

There are also built-in saltwater aquariums, a sushi island bar, outdoor terraces and a six-person Jacuzzi in a lounge area overlooking the water. Large slabs of Calacatta marble and other stones are used throughout the space, and the apartment is fully automated with smart-home features.

A Saudi Prince’s New York Next Is Listing for $48.5 Million [WSJ]


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